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Meet the Photographer

The Asian Wedding Photographer at the Heart of Weddings

I am not your traditional Asian wedding photographer, and your wedding won't be either so let's get down to what you want from your wedding pictures.  You want your wedding pictures to capture the essence of your day, full of laughter, happiness, the hugs, the randomness of folk, the odd tear and the quirkiness that will make your wedding awesome.

That's what I do, I document your wedding creatively and capture the essence of the day, the ambiance, the laughs, the smiles, the tears, the stress and the details, so in years to come your wedding photographs will speak to you and tell you what happened on the day, and as your family grows and it will, you can share the joy with them.

As a wedding photojournalist I am a firm believer that your wedding photos should be a reflection of the real emotions of the wedding, they should be natural, warm, and evoke emotions - they should be both fun and memorable!  

It's all about the story, and I use a range of styles to weave your story, from candid snaps, to emotive documentary shots  and those important wedding portraits of you looking pretty cool.

Are you planning an epic wedding or a more intimate one,  which ever you plan, have the confidence that I will have captured every detail you wanted me to in refreshing and candid manor, there will be less of the groups & more of the tamasha, the thrills and spills of an Awesome Asian Wedding. 

If this is the kind of service and style you're looking for then we need to connect over a coffee and get down to exactly how you want this photographer to tell your crazy Asian wedding story. If you just can't wait call me 07949 250 660.  Awesome.

A little about me:

  • I am Monir Ali LBIPP and one of a handful of the Asian Wedding Photographers to be a qualified  member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers
  • I am the Photographer of all things awesome, from fashion to editorial portraiture, from Princes to Bollywood Queens.
  • I specialise in photographing Asian Weddings, and have been documenting weddings for almost 9 years. 
  • I have photographed and documented over 670 wedding stories, 1,000's of people, 100's of celebrities.
  • I have worked on a few films and made TV shows
  • I have won notable photography and business Awards.
  • My work has been published in national and international  wedding blogs and magazines
  • I write about Asian Weddings and train  photographers in the Art of Asian Weddings,

Thank You for reading this far down and I look forward to hearing from you. If you quote "blimey mate" I will provide you with a £75 gift voucher towards the cost of your wedding only because if you read this far, we are going to be friends. I Look forward to hearing from you.

Monir Ali


Phase one of booking Stage

Phone:07949 250 660
Whatsapp 07949 250 660

So you got this far, which means you want to take things a little further with your wedding photography.   Please use the form  to get in touch and to check I am available for your dates. 

I will be with you as soon as possible to confirm the dates and to set up a consultation with you. If you need a faster response please call me or Facebook messages via my page here.

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